A neglected barrel will often rust, due to climatic conditions or rust will sometimes appear in a barrel in which rustless primers of various makes have been used, as different chemicals are often used by different companies making primers and the combination of some of these chemicals allow rusting to start.

The first treatment for rust is to use a good bronze brush, such as the Parker type, and if the rust has not been in the barrel for a very long time this will remove it. After using the brush, no matter how good the barrel looks, a good rust remover such as the Winchester Rust Remover should be used on a tight patch and the barrel given a good polishing. Be sure to use a full-size steel rod so there is no danger of the rod buckling and rubbing the bore. Clean the bore well with dry patches, then follow these with a few dipped in white gasoline and then another dry one. After this apply a good antirust oil to the bore, wipe it out again the following day with dry patches and apply another coat of antirust oil or grease.

If the rust is too heavy to be removed with a bronze brush, use one of the one-way steel barrel-scourer brushes, being carcful not to let it run out of the muz-

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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