Butt Plates and Pistol Grip Caps

Faul Jaeger, 4655 Fernhill Road, Philadelphia, Pa., pistol grip caps.

Steel, solid, plain 75<i, engraved $2.00.

Steel butt plates, corrugated, $1.25, engraved and checked $3.00.

Corrugated, with trap, $4.75, Engraved and checked, with trap, $6.50.

Horn Butt Plate, corrugated, checked or basket weave, 75^.

Stoegcr Arms Corp., 507 Fifth Ave., New York City, pistol grip caps. Solid steel, unblued, 50^, polished and blued $1.25, Hand engraved $5.00, Hand engraved with trap, $10.00. Composition grip cap.

Solid steel, unpolished and unblued butt plate, 50^, plain, polished and blued. $1.00, Checked and Engraved, $7.50, checked and engraved, with trap, $10.00. Adjustable, Schuetzen type, $7.50.

Pacific Gunsight Co., 355 Hayes St., San Francisco, Cal.

Black Rubber Pistol Grip Caps, 504 and 75*.

Aluminum Pistol Grip Cap, 50^.

Aluminum Butt Plate, with flat back, 75same in bronze, $1.00.

Checked Steel Butt Plate, curved hack with tip hook at top, $1.25.

Economy Butt Pad of stiff, tough rubber, about like sole leather, has deep cross corrugations, is about thick, goes on with two screws, This is an excellent butt pad for hard service and can be cut with knife or chisel, sanded by hand, or buffed. Not a recoil pad.

Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn. Checked steel butt plates with curved back and tip hook at top, listed in parts list for models, 54, 64, 65 and 70, price 85^.

Checked steel butt plate for model 52, standard and special target, 65^.

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