Chambering Boring And Reaming Tools

Chambering reamers may be purchased from firms specializing in this work, from barrel makers, in some cases from gun factories—or the gunsmith may make his own reamers.

Reamers for popular calibers for which the gunsmith often fits barrels should be made in sets of three, a roughing, a finishing and a burnishing reamer. These reamers should be made of high-speed steel to minimize wear. Reamers for a caliber which is seldom called for, or a reamer for a special job, may be made of carbon-steel and a single reamer of the finishing type may be made to do in place of a set of three reamers. The roughing out of the chamber in this case may be done in the lathe with a small boring tool, the proper taper being obtained by swiveling the compound rest to the desired angle.

Chambering reamers should have six or more cutting edges and these edges should be an uneven distance apart to prevent chatter of the reamer. The roughing reamer may be, and often is, made with four grooves instead of six and the lands of the tapered body part of the roughing reamer are usually nicked with a narrow lathe tool, about %2" wide and to a like depth. This is done to break up the chips and allow them to

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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