The following pages contain a number of suggestions and ideas which I hope will prove useful and instructive to the reader, Some of the operations described may be beyond his equipment or facilities, especially in producing tools necessary to do the work. Should this prove to be the case, this part of the job may be done in a local or the nearest city machine-shop which has the tool equipment to handle it.

T have tried to avoid the highly technical descriptions often found in books of this character, and have given alternate methods where possible, in order to reducc tool requirements. This has resulted in a larger work than was first contemplated—and at that, T have not even touched upon much basic data and many operations essential to the beginner. However, there was no need to do so, as all this information can be found in Frazer's splendid "Elementary Gunsmithing," a companion book to this one. Also, in order to avoid further duplication, I have restricted the scope of this work to the barreling, chambering, action and other metal-working operations involved and have not touched upon the equally essential operations of remodeling, stocking, stock finishing and gunstock design; these subjects will be comprehensively treated in a companion volume, to come later.

A book of this character is necessarily the work of many men, each of whom contributes some methods of his own, some invention forced upon him by the circumstances, to make the whole. Many of us are located in large cities, where intricate parts of the work can be farmed out to specialists in those lines. Others of us are located in small towns or in the tall timber, where we must produce the work entire and alone. I have endeavored to make this book practicable and workable in either case.

Different parts of the country use different firearms, thus producing specialists in the building and repairing of each type; rifle, shotgun or handgun—but the rifle rules as king. A man will specialize also in the branch of the work that appeals to him most strongly, or he may possibly be temperamentally unfitted for doing certain parts of the work. No matter what branch of it he takes up, it will teach him one thing, that is— patience.

Guns have been my love from early days, preceded only by my attachment for tools. This combination soon resulted in alterations to guns in my personal collection and was later followed by desires for guns not in existence but which, after study and experiment, were produced. As my ambitions grew I acquired more tools and machinery, still making or remaking my own guns as a hobby. Friends with whom I hunted soon began to ask for small repairs or alterations to their own guns and I was gradually forced to the point where I gave up all other work to devote my entire time to professional gunsmithing.

I recall that almost twenty years ago I tried to persuade a leading gunsmith to produce for me a .22 caliber rifle, by necking down the .250-3000 cartridge to .22 caliber and rebarreling a Springfield action for it. This man refused to do so, telling me that the cost of the experimental work would be prohibitive and that very likely a balanced load could not be produced for it. What a name he could have made for himself and his business if he had produced that requested rifle at that time! Remembering this experience, I have often since given my time, with small profit, to experimental work to fulfill someone's desires—and what a satisfaction it was when successful.

If, by the writing of this book, I can kindle in some reader the spark that will enable him to follow in the footsteps of such a man as John M. Browning, I shall feel amply repaid for the work it has involved.

1021 Hays Street, Boise, Idaho

November, 1939

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