Gunstock Finishing and Care

By A. Donald Newell

This is an extensive and thoroughly complete contribution to the art of modern gunsmithing, a work equally valuable to either professional or amateur craftsmen. It includes materials» suitability, methods of application» and the history of ancicnt and modern protective and dccorativc films. The author of this timely book is a technician in the laboratory of one of the largest American pain: and varnish manufacturers: then, to further qualify in the preparation of so definitive a work he is a rifleman and amateur gunsmith of several years1 standing.

la this most thorough work, Newell sticks en* tircly to his vocation ;n that he treats solely of Kuustock finishing. In some 16 elaborate chapters, replete with heretofore unpublished trade data and technique, he tells everything known today by the people who make these finishing materials, so that they cau be properly applied by the individual gunsmith seeking the mo«T beautiful and thoroughly practical stock finishes for both modem and antique firearms. The greater portion ol these procedures and formulae will provide virgin knowledge for the majority of our guncraftsmen.

Herein i$ given authoritative and qualified information regarding «11 modem and early wood finishes which can logically be applied to gunstocks- an known to a professional technician and manufacturer. He gives the final word on bleachers, fillers, scaling compounds, water and moisture repellents, stains, driers, drying oils, varnishes, lacqucrs. shellacs and plastic finishes, with chapters also on waxes, polishing, cleaning and rubbing compounds. And, of course included U that old standby of the profession—the London Dull Oil Finish which, for years past, has been about the only method of finishing a gunstock known to the majority of our gunsmiths.

Extensive chapters on primary and advanced treatments for all suitable gunstock woods outline selection, bleaching, *esling, graining, staining, waterproofing and all other ueceuaiy pi circauuetit data that will enhance or improve the natural beauties of the wood, plus an assortment of formulae which will enable the reader to select and compound his own finishing mediums, the like of which never previously have been available to shooters. More than 100 such formulae arc given. The saving possible by availability and knowledge of these formulae is alone worth the price of this book.

The scale of treatments covered by this outstanding textbook ranges from die application of various solutions and solids by means of a rag or brush, or with pressure or spray gun systems, on through to the most modern tcchniquc of "baked finish" by means of a three- or four-tube bank of infra-red lights.

The text is written ir. non-technical form and all subjects discussed arc presented simply and understandably in an interesting manner. Although specifically and consistently written throughout as a textbook for the gunsmithing field, this work has definite and wide application in other wood-working arts and crafts. It will prove of inestimable value to the builders oi fine furniture, tools, radios and other articles made of wood uj>on which a durable and beautiful finish is demanded, and where a correct knowledge of modern finishes and applicatory technique is imperative.

Well illustrated throughout. 437 pages of iCAt. Price 54.50,

Gunstock Finishing

The Gunsmith's Manual

By Stelle and Harrison

Back in 1882, when every town and village of any size whatever had its own hard-worked gunsmith, J. P. Sccllc and William B. Harrison wrote %iTh¿ Gwi-mitrfs Manual9''—one of the very lew early American works on firearms, and a hook immediately recognized and accepted as the standard textbook of the gun-smithing profession. This publication held that position of eminence for several dccades, in fact, it was the authority until the coming of smokeless powder.

Stelle and Harrison produced a mosL authentic work thoroughly up ta date for those times and exceptionally complete in that it treated upon all of the early breech-loading firearms jusc then beginning to come into popularity and general usage. The book also was most thorough in its coverage and treatment of the muzzle loadmg firearms, which were then in cheir heyday. It treats of rifles, shotguns, pist9ta,^jpd. Revolvers.

The long established Btanding of this early textbook, as well as its literary encelle ncc, was such that we have rcproduccd it, page for page and word for word, as it was originally published.

Despite the unique style and phrasing of its text, this is an enjoyable and a: the same time a most instructive work. There is much amongst its material that is yet gocd workable flhop practice; sound procedures and methods fully applicable by the gunsmith of today. Maoy of the form\;lae and bcnch tricks described herein can still be employed with profit. It fully covers all standard methods and processes followed in the ¿ays of muzzle loaders, both flin: and cap-lock. In addition to clear and lengthy descriptions of proper fabrication methods, the book is profusely illustrated with «most of the hand and bench gunsmithing tools necessary and in common use ¡at chat time-

The average town gunsmith nf the 'Snu and 'gm marie practically everything he needed except shotgun tubes, rifle barrels and gun locks—and this hook gives explicit directions, with illustrations, for the making of gun screws, nipples, keys, thimbles, hammers» laiiuods and springs. Much data is given regarding the treatment, forging and processing of gun and barrel sicel. The tools and processes necessary for the boring and rilling of those early gun barrel* are. described and illustrated. Quite a bit of text ib devoted Lo cap-lock and early cartridge revolvers. Many are illustrated.

This book Ls of considerable practical value to the present clay gunsmith, ss it is the only work in existence which treats authoritatively of the construction anc repair of the muzzle loading gun. Its extensive instruction relating to the fabrication of gun parts by means of hand tools and simple methods can also be of particular benefit to the worker with limited means at his disposal. £96 text pages. Price $4>oo*

Home Made Rifling Machine

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