Hunting With the Twenty Two

By Charles S. Landis

For years, the many devotee« of .22 caliber rifles have been demanding an authentic and comprehensive work on the hunting of small game and varmints with these popular arms. Landis* Hunting With iht Twenty Two amply fills this need.

Charlie Landis has spent more than fifty yean in the active use of various .22 rifles: Twenty-twos of all types using the many different cartridges which have been available Co American riflemen since the turn of the century. In this book he gives you the benefit of hU lifetime of experience in the small game hunting field. Then, to supplement his own extensive personal experience, he has turned to those of his many friends who, through occupation or location, have been more fortunate in their opportunities to hunt and shoot larger or more inaccessible game with rifles of this caliber.

The result is a book of 27 chapters comprising 425 text pages which arc filled with instructive data and information on the hunting of the small game and varmints of the North American continent with the various .22 caliber rim and center fire cartridge*. It covers all srrfiont of thrse United States and Canada—F.astem hunting in heavily settled communities—Western experience in the open ranges and mountains—Northern trapping and hunting fields extending from British Columbia to the Hudson Day country—and Southern shooting in the dense swamps and pine forests.

The habits and histories of many game animals and birds are included, with much information as to the best means of hunting them. Here are many chapters on hunting the various species of tree squirrels—gray, black and fox; grouse, prairie chickcns and ptarmigan with rifles; wild turkeys and other game. Then come the varmint*—crow and hawk shooting; coyote, wolf and fox hunting; some lynx or wildcat also arc treated and several chapters are devoted to that old standby—the wood chuck.

The material included on the intensly popular rim fire .22 cartridges is extensive and thorough. Tull comparison is made of these various iiiu fires and .their superiority or weakness, one wi;h the other, is clearly shown. Their killing eilect at hunting ranges is compared, as well as their practical accuracy.

The style of this latest Landis bcok closely parallels that ol his earlier Tuxnly*Two Caliber Varmint Hi/Us and the companion volumes completely cover ihe ¿cope of .22 rilles and their ammunition—the earlier from the star.cpoint of technical ballistics and torgc: work and this latter one from the angle of the hunting field.

Here is a contribution 01 definite value to the riflemen of America—hunting information of a type not previously existent. Hunting With the Twenty-Two fully warrants the attention and reading of every owner and shooter of the more powerful, flat trajectory .22 rifles as well as the rim fire devotee*. Its appeal is vastly broadened by the fact that the hook is not merely the experience and opinion of one man in a single restricted locality but is a compendium of hunting lore written iu plain, folksy language by men who know what they are writing about. These writers are acknowledged leaders :n their respective localities in hunting the particular type of game they describe. Some are nationally known as hunters and riflemen.

This is truly a practical book on hunting—not one man's theories or hearsay "b'guess and b'gosh" stories. Well illustrated with numerous plates and drawings* Price $4.50.

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