Norton Co. Worcester, Mass.

• Grinding wheels, white Arkansas hand stone Atlas Press Co. Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Arbor presses, drill presses, lathes, drill grinders, shapers Delia Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Drill presses, grinders, wood working machinery Walker-Turner Mfg. Co. Plain field, New Jersey.

Drill presses, flexible shafts, wood working machinery H. Channon Co. Wacker Drive & Randolph, Chicago, 111.

General machinist's supplies William Dixon Inc. 32 E. Kinney St., Newark, New Jersey.

Steel buffing brushes, small tools Madison-Kipp Corp. Madison, Wisconsin.

Air driven high speed hand grinders, air driven filers Frank Mittermeier, 3577 E. Tremont Ave., New York City.

Gunsmith's supplies and tools Paul Jaeger, 4655 Fcrnhill Road.. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gunsmith's supplies, chambering reamers, set-triggers Jacobs Chuck Co. Hartford, Conn.

Drill chucks supreme James E. Moon, 782 Amsterdam Ave., New York City.

Supplies, Oils and Lubricants. Leslie M. Lindahl, Central City, Nebraska.

Powder, primers and components for ammunition. Sebastian Lathe Co. Cincinnati. Ohio.

Engine lathes with large spindle hole South Bend Lathe Co. South Bend, Indiana.

Engine lathes with large spindle hole Pratt & Whitney Co. Hartford, Conn.

Engine lathes, bench lathes, gun-barrel machinery Stoeger Arms Corporation. 507 Fifth Ave., New York City.

Anything in gunsmithing supplies or firearms National Target & Supply Company, 1249 25th St.r N.W., Washington, D. C.

Anything in gunsmithing supplies or firearms Pacific Gun Sight Co., 355 Hayes Street, San Francisco, Cal.

All gunsmithing supplies and tools. National Rifle Association, 1600 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C.

Individual membership essential to every shooter.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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