How To Install An Octagonal Barrel

from the barrel, remove the wrench from the receiver and, using a torch, heat the receiver ring until it just starts to change color, then replace the wrench on the receiver and try again to unscrew it. If it still resists, remove the wrench and heat the receiver again, but keep cold running water on the barrel just ahead of the

Removing octagon barrel from receiver by the use of a monkey wrench.

receiver, being careful not to pour it on the receiver. Keep this water running onto the barrel while keeping the receiver just hot enough so that the color does not change, until the barrel is cool to the touch, then quickly place the wrench on the receiver and give it a sudden, heavy pull—which will usually break it loose.

If this method fails to loosen the barrel, get the best penetrating oil that you can obtain and, standing the rifle with its breech up and the breech-block open, pour some penetrating oil around the edge of the barrel at the rear end. Let this stand for several hours, examining it now and then to see if any more oil can be poured around the edge of the barrel. Keep putting a little oil there if it seems to be working down any. I find that "Caseite" is a good oil for this purpose. It is made by J. R. Case Mfg. Co., Jonesboro, Arkansas—

Plate III

Barrel removal, using a clamp upon the barrel and a vise (with old rifle barrel extension for handle) upon the receiver. The heavy, cast iron, split clamp is clamped firmly to the bench top, with its split, tapered steel bushing, which closely fits the barrel, in place. The barrel is inserted in this bushing and the clamping bolts drawn up tight, A smooth jaw machine vise is tightened up on the receiver and an old 26" rifle barrel is damped to the bottom of the vise, to use as a handle. The receiver is then unscrewed from die barrel.

your garage man probably has it. Let this oil soak in until the following day, then put the rifle through the same procedure as you did before and if you cannot then move things it is a case of sawing off the barrel ahead of the receiver and cutting the remaining end out of the receiver. This is best done by drilling it

Octagon Smooth Barrel
Removing octagon barrel from receiver, using smooth-jawed vise with an old barrel clamped to its base for leverage.

out with a drill almost as large as the bottom of the threads on the barrel. An expansion reamer is then carefully used, until the top of the threads in the receiver just show through what is left of the barrel. The remainder of the barrel is then picked from the receiver threads with a small, fine-pointed punch.

Nearly all rifle barrels are fitted to the receiver with a right-hand thread, but there is always the exception» as I once found out when removing the barrel from a 6.5 m/m Norwegian Krag rifle. As it happened, I was able to move this barrel slightly in a left-hand direction and then it tightened up and would move no farther so, in spite of disbelief, I reversed operations and the barrel unscrewed to the right. The old, hammer-model, Marlin shotgun is also a left-hand thread.

Shotgun barrels usually unscrew easier than rifle barrels do and, as they are round, the same method is used as for round rifle barrels. A split clamp, like a pillow-block, is fitted with a split sleeve of steel or cast-iron which, before being split, is bored to the same taper as the outside of the rifle or shotgun barrel, the boring being done in a lathe. The finish on the inside of this taper-bored sleeve should be as smooth as possible. Polish it with fine carborundum cloth, for otherwise it may mar a barrel.

Removing a round barrel from receiver, using a split-clamp bolted to a post to hold barrel. Monkey wrench is placed as shown on receiver. Small drawing shows details of clamp and split bushing, taper bored

Before clamping a barrel in one of these clamps, coat the surface of the sleeve that is to be against the barrel with powdered rosin. This gives it a much better grip and protects the surface of the barrel, not even marring the blueing. This rosin may afterwards be cleaned from the surface of a barrel with high-test gasoline or turpentine.

The clamp is anchored to a ceiling support post, or to a bench-leg if the bench is solidly fastened. Be care

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