Notes On Firingpins

Firing-pin size, shape and protrusion have been referred to at several places throughout this book in speaking of center-fire and rim-fire actions, but I now wish to again impress the reader with the extreme importance of proper firing-pins, both from a safety and from an efficiency standpoint, so I will discuss the principles of firing-pin construction of both rim and center-fire types as a separate chapter.

What I have to say as regards safety may be of interest to some lad who has been in the habit of making his new firing-pins from some convenient wire-nail. The factors affccting efficiency which I speak of should, I am sure, prove of value to many expert small-bore riflemen; even though they will not have the slightest interest in the practice of gunsmithing these notes may help explain those unaccountablc scores which creep into our shooting now and then, and which often, unfortunately, stay with us longer than we care to have hanging around.

There is only one correct shape for the center-fire firing-pin nose and that is the hemispherical, or ball-shaped point. Furthermore, this point should be highly polished and free of scratches, to prevent any abrasion of the soft cup, which would increase the liability of puncturing the primer. The diameter of the firing-pin

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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