Old Rifles

Rifles with worn-out barrels may have the barrel recut to a larger caliber and rechambered for a cartridge that the action will handle. For instance, the .25-20 Winchester repeater, model 1892 may be recut to .32-20* The .25-35 model 1894 Winchester can be recut to .30-30 or .32 special. The Savage model 1899 in the .22 Hi-power may be recut .25-35, etc. Single-shot rifle barrels may, of course be recut to any larger caliber, as it makes no difference to the action in this case whether a cartridge is long or short.

There is often a difference in the pitch of rifling between cartridges of different calibers, so in recutting these old barrels to larger calibers be careful not to use a twist that is too slow. A little faster twist won't make much difference, in fact may make bullets that are slightly out of balance travel a little truer, but slowing down the twist will result in poor accuracy and keyholing of bullets unless a light, short bullet is used. For instance, the .22 Hi-power barrels are rifled with one turn in 14" for the Savage .22 Hi-power cartridge, while the .25-35 barrels are rifled with one turn in 8", so if a .22 Hi-power barrel is recut to .25-35 caliber and the twist left the one turn in 14" the barrel would not handle the 117 grain or the 100 grain bullet with much accuracy. It might do fairly well

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    How to fix a worn out.22 savage hi power bbl?
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