Revolver And Automatic Pistol Jobs

Our American made pistols and revolvers usually do nut require much repair work if they are given any kind of intelligent care at all, but when a part does break a new part should be obtained from the factory, except in the case of minor parts easily filed out of tool-steel when the time element is important in making the repair.

New hand-guns often require adjustments, either to cure minor faults or to satisfy the owner as to shape of grips or trigger-pull. Revolver and pistol trigger-pulls are treated in the same manner as described for rifle or shotgun pulls. The exception is that hand-gun hammer or firing-pin notches are seldom, if ever, too deep so that they require pinning. Some owners foolishly grind down the front edge of the hammer above the full-cock notch in an effort to lighten or shorten the trigger-pull. This usually results in broken half-cock and safety notches and perhaps a broken sear point.

If the hammer cams back upon pulling the trigger when the hammer is in the full-cock notch, the shape of the notch, or sear point, or both, should be changed so that the hammer does not move while the trigger is being pulled. The only other trigger-pull adjustment

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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