Set Triggers

J. B. Smith, 3219 Adeline St., Oakland, California (for 52 Winchester only).

Ralph H. Pike, Kalispell, Montana, self-setting set trigger (single) for Springfield, Enfield, Mauser, Winchester 54 and 70. Price $25.00.

Paul Jaeger, 4655 Fernhill Road. Philadelphia, Pa. Single set trigger for bolt actions $7.00. Double set trigger for same $6.00.

Stocgcr Arms Corp., 507 Fifth Ave., New York City. Double set triggers for bolt action $7.50 and $8.50, single set trigger for model 70 Winchester $9.50.

Heat Treating Gun Actions

Kimball Arms Co., Woburn, Mass., drawing and reheat-treating old type Springfield actions $7.50.

R. F. Sedgley, Inc., 2311-17 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa., drawing and reheat treating Springfield actions and all types of heat treating for other actions.

Twin City Steel Treating Co., 1114 South Third St., Minneapolis, Minn. Pack hardening or cyanide hardening of medium size single shot actions in brilliant colors, $1.00 per action.

Same in plain (uncolored hardening) 80^ per action.

Large actions for single shot rifles or double shotgun actions $1.25 to $1.50 per action.

Annealing old type Springfield actions 50tf each.

Reharden or heat treat old type Springfield actions $1.00.

Ventilated Ribs

John Crowe, 2713 Duncan St., St. Joseph, Mo., for shotguns only, $17.50 to $35.00. Very good.

King Gun Sight Co., 171-3 Second St., San Francisco, California, for autoloading pistols and for revolvers. Full length ventilated ribs with micromeler click windage and elevation rear sights and any type of front sight $20.00. Excellent work.

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