Sights Scopes And Small Parts

Probably the poorest way to attach sights to the gun barrel is in the time-honored dovetail slot—but this has been done from the earliest days, is still being done and is often demanded by the customer, so a word or two about it will be in good order.

It is sometimes neccssary to cut a few inches from the muzzle of a rifle which has a front sight in a dovetail slot, so if any great amount is taken off the barrel must be slotted further back. Small milling cutters to mill these slots must usually be made by the gunsmith or made to order by some cutter manufacturer, which is often expensive, so many times these slots are cut with a three-square file by hand, instead of in a milling machine.

Whichever method is used, the slot must be straight and level. With an octagon barrel it is easy enough to get it level by leveling the top flat of the barrel, if it is being held in a vise and the slot cut with a file. A small level is used in the slot, as the work progresses, to insure the bottom of the slot being kept level. If the slot is cut in a vertical head milling machine, the top flat is leveled but if a miller with a horizontal head is used, the top flat is set at right-angles to the surface of the table and the milling machine vise squared with the table.

If the rifle has a round barrel, the top of the barrel is leveled-up by leveling the top of the action or squaring it with the table top of a horizontal miller.

In cutting these dovetail slots by hand, the slot is marked out and then rough-cut with a fine-toothed hack-saw. Between the two ends of the slot, make several vertical cuts with the hack-saw, close together

Small Dovetail Vise Jaws

In cutting slots for sights, the rifle receiver is leveled by a small level, while barrel is held in padded jaws of vise. Dovetail slot is then cut with file, slot being kept level while cutting by a small level laid in the cut from time to time.

but not reaching the bottom of the slot. Then by turning the saw to a side-angle, this center portion can be pretty well sawed out, so that the work of the file is cut down a great deal and much time is saved.

A regular three-square file is used, but it is better if one with parallel sides instead of tapering ones be used. Two sides of the file should be ground smooth, leaving only one side to do the cutting, as it is then easier to keep the slot true. Using a file with parallel sides

Front Sight Deviation Photos

Special milling cutter for cutting sight dovetails in barrel makes it easier to keep the slot at right-angles to the axis of the barrel, as any deviation is more easily seen than with a tapered file.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace a front sight bead, either to replace a broken bead or to experiment with a bead of a different color to increase visibility, or to change a Patridge-type sight to a Call-type but using white, green or red instead of the conventional gold for this type of sight. These beads of various colors can be easily made from colored celluloid, bought in a ten-cent store. White knitting needles can be used to make the white beads, other articles such as combs or dress ornaments will furnish the other colors. The very light shades of red and green should be used, in fact a deep pink is superior for visibility to a genuine i//«

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