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Here is the most practical, accurate and com---. plete treatise wbKh'has been written on this infillrpvTDA/w creasingly vital subject. The idcuuficaiioa scction alone contain« 3$5p*ges, vvith more than a hundred specially prepared illustrations; exactly the kind nf applicable, technically correct data on firearms and their ammunition which is needed in legal investigations or proceedings. Here are clcarly explained all the principles of correct bullet and fired case marks and identification; full data as to proper laboratory equipment, its installation fcw itMk.fo»tiand use; original tabulations of bore and rifling Qfefc J. rdaaii hoovfr . * ...

KSfS specifications, bullet diameter and weight, car-

" ^dge case markings, manufacturer's proof marks, lot numbers; essential data to have in every investigator's files.

General Hatcher clcarly and logically describe« the many intricate facts and principles of firearms, their characteristics and ballistics; and he shows how this information may be applied to the correct solution of crimes in which firearms ore involved. After a study of this work» and with its many facts and tabulations at hand for inatant reference, the reader will be able to hold his own in any company—no matter how well qualified or how intense their cro«H-cxamina:ion may become. The book is of equal value to either the trained specialist on the large policc force or to the individual on duty "out in the sticks/* Ius text Ls also intensely interesting to the rifleman and ballistic student. It will prove invaluable to members of the legal profession called upon iu piittccute or defend an individual chained with a crime involving firearm?, and is ol positive value in exposing the unprincipled, yet plausible, testimony of some unscrupulous "experts" who make a practice of giving professional testimony tor either side.

The author is particularly qualified to write this book and he needs no introduction to American marhrrcn. To others, we may irate that the professional standing of General Hatcher in the field of ordnance, explosives, and especially of siliall*ariiis, is unquestioned throughout the world. For 36 year* he was a commissioned officer in the Ordnance Department, U. S. Army, curing which time he was intimately engaged, at Springfield Armory, Prank ford Arsenal, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and elsewhere, in the designing, manufacture and testing of machine guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and ammunition. During World War II he wai in command of Ordnance Ficlc Service, and at present is head of the Technical Division of the National Rifle Association.

Bound with "Fi'tamit Inz4Stigation> Identification end Evidence" is Hatcher's "Trxibcok of Pistols and Jiecotcers" as its text also contains much which is pertinent to the subject of firearms identification. The entire work comprises a volume of 900 pages, with 300 illustrations; price s7.30.

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