The Blueing Of Firearms

In this chapter we shall mainly take up shop practice and the various little handling kinks useful in the polishing and blueing of gun barrels or small parts, and will refer you to Angier's "Firearm Blueing and Browning"—a companion book to this one, gotten out by the same publisher—for the necessary formulae of various solutions to use or to experiment with. Angier's book is a most complete one in this respect, containing between two hundred and three hundred different blueing solutions, some of which are certain to be well adapted for use in your locality and by your method of handling.

It must be kept in mind that a definite formula and system of application cannot be followed identically, nor be expected to give the same result in one section of the country that it does in another place some hundred of miles away, where the climate, humidity, altitude, water and other considerations may differ greatly. The blueing of guns by the application of these various solutions is actually a complex chemical process, one very apt to be radically affected by small but important variations in the basic ingredients employed in the different operations, if not in the solution itself. A solution and a method of application which gives perfect results here in Boise may not work well at all along the coastal section of Louisiana, so be prepared

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