Twentytwo Caliber Varmint Rifles

By Charles S. Landis

This is a book of 521 pages devoted exclusively to (be increasingly popular .'¿2 caliber "wildcat" rifles and their ammunition. Everything from the. rebuilt single shot action to the most elaborate custom built ccntcr fire bolt action, good for 200 to 40:) yard work on turkeys, woodchucks, crows, hawks, coyotes anci wolves, is treated in this extensive work. The best sclcccion for any type of shooting, every sort of neighborhood, every distance and every size pocketbock. All the good loads are listed, with their possibilities, their average accuracy at each relative distance, their killing power on different kinds of ?amc and varmints, plus a wide assortment of loads for these various purposes. With this book, you don't have to guess at the right rifle, car-ir the type of hunting in which to use them.

In his preparation of this work, Charles Landis has enjoyed and profited by the advice and assistance of the leading rifle experimenters and authorities of ihis day. All have freely and generously given of iheii experiences and knowledge in this field of extreme velocities with the .22 calibcr varmint rifles.

Here, for the first time, is presented full and correct technical information on the assembly, adjustment and finishing of mrat of the leading popular wildcat .22s of the day—boring, straightening and rifling of barrels; chambering problems, with special attention to the making of chambering reamers and their attendant ard correct use; hcacspace adjustments; throating principles and processes; breeching and firing pin alicrations and adjustments.

An extensive and important section of the book is that devoted to the suitability and application of all the various types and makes of commercial and military rifle actions for conversion into thoroughly safe and highly accurate varmint rilics. Most of the leading custom riflcmakcrs of the Lnitcd States and Canada have contributed their eminently qualified views upon this vitally important subject, and have discussed it from every conceivable angle.

The vital matter of high pressure .22 center fire ammunition has been equally well handled; here arc given dimensional specifications and essential loading data for all of the popular .22 wildcats. The acquisition, conversion anil preparation of their special cartridge cases and bullets has been adequately covered:—here :s the real dope on fire-forming; necking down; shortening necks; truing bases: reaming out case nccks; primer pocket check-up . . . cartridge assembly such as never before presented to the handloading fraternity.

Regardless of how much money you want to put into your varmint outfit"Twenty--two Caliber Varmint Rifos" tells all about that outfit. It tells about every well known wildcat cartridge which, to date, has been used sufficiently to prove itself. Every wcodsman, every small game hunter, every farmer, rancher, stcckman, professional varmint hunter or rifleman will find this to be :hc book he has long been looking for.

Order immediately and enjoy your copy. Profuse with group reproductions, illustrations and cartridge drawings. Price U5.00 delivered.

Wildcat Cartridges
tridge. loads or sights . . .

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