Working With Hand Tools

A great, many of the ordinary gunsmithing jobs can be done with hand tools almost as well as with machine tools, the great difference between the two methods being the amount of time consumed by the hand tool method over the machine tool method. Even to this day many good target barrels are bored and rilled by hand.

You have seen in the earlier chapters of this book that many of the operations, such as adjusting trigger-pulls, speeding up actions by lightening hammers, making small parts, filing extractors to shape or increasing the hook effect of them to make better extraction, can easily be and usually are done by hand work.

One of the most common jobs of gunsmithing, that can readily be done by hand, is remodeling the military rifle. Taking the model 1917 rifle for example, removing the rear sight protective wings from the receiver is easily done with high-speed steel hack-saw blades and files. I have found the high-speed steel blades made by the Simonds Saw & Steel Co., of Fitchburg, Mass., to be excellent. For sawing these receiver wings and other like jobs on tough steel, the 24 teeth-per-inch blade is best.

For a strictly hunting sight the regular peep on the

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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