21 Day Alpha Shooter Review

21 Day Alpha Shooter

21 Day Alpha Shooter is a training program that has been designed and created by Ox, whose original name is Mike, who says that he is really blessed to have been trained by a number of law enforcement, military, and OGA shooting experts like Chris Graham, Former Force Recon Marine, Larry Yatch, Retired Team 3 SEAL, Randy Watt, the former commander of the 19th Special Forces Group, some of the well-known Australian SAS members, competitive shooters, and high-speed trainers, His training program has been mentioned in journals like Tactical Journal, Concealed Carry, Tactical Edge, A Girl & A Gun, and a few others. 

A trust-worthy program

Readers and more specifically, those who want to get trained in shooting, may ask why they should trust the efficacy of this training program. To this, the answer is that since Ox, who has designed this program, has been trained by and has had frequent consultations with such great and competent shooters, his training program can be trusted. Not only that, his program has received rave reviews and testimonials from newbies as well as shooting experts. 

Program details

Of course, people who desire to get trained in shooting, may want to have clarity about the training program. The fact is that this program is offering a great secret that can help in imparting shooting skills in these people within the shortest possible time, that may be just a fraction of the duration or the cost involved in live-fire training. According to Ox, the cost of the training is even less than that of only one trip up to the range.

The training also helps the trainees to consistently make accurate hits using all types of defensive pistols and from any distance right from 10' up to 100 yards or even more. Trainees can also learn how they can shoot and move without moving their sights. They can get to know the trick that makes trigger-slapping, that is done even by a number of top shooters, a non-issue. 

Does the program help in getting rid of the problems faced while shooting?

Now, as far as the problems this training program can help in solving are concerned, the program can help in knowing how to use simple techniques for solving the issue of dreaded flinch, that is a problem every shooter may experience occasionally. Trainees can also learn how they can get rid of the problems that is caused by cross-eye dominance even without closing an eye. Most importantly, trainees will not feel the boredom that is a typically experienced in all types of traditional dry fire training methods. 

They can learn faster, can come out with better performance even under stressful situations, thanks to the all-new dry fire training offered by this program. Not only that, the program is upgraded from time to time according to the changing scenarios and needs, and also for providing appropriate solutions that are faced by the trainees. 

What does the program offer?

As soon as aspiring or experienced shooters sign up for this training course, they will be getting a DVD and a home-study course. They will immediately have online access to the on-demand HD edition of the course. This means that they can begin using it as soon as they sign up. They can also access the on-demand materials and this unlimited access will be available to them throughout their lifetime. That they can have access to all these materials from the cozy ambiance of their home, via their tablet or the phone is the best part of this training program. In short, trainees can access all these precious details from anywhere and at whatever time they choose, provided they have a reliable Internet connection.

The videos that are offered as a part of the course are not only short but are interesting and sweet as well because they do not run beyond 3 or 5 minutes. Trainees can have the perfect glimpse of the form that can provide them with the baseline of every drill. Ox has made it a point to make these drills sequentially because every drill builds upon the previous one. 

Since the drills consist of a number of accelerated techniques for learning, trainees can learn the skills and also enhance their skill levels faster than they can imagine. They have to just watch the videos and practice their drills for about 10 to 15 minutes but they should ensure not to practice beyond 15 minutes. Ox emphatically assures that almost every shooter, irrespective of their skill levels, will start shooting two times faster and with twice the accuracy within a span of 3 weeks or even earlier.

Who can benefit by taking up this program?

Amazingly, this training program is suitable for both newbies and those who have lots of experience in shooting including the decorated shooters and those involved in some of the special operations. 

21 Day Alpha Shooter
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