Defensive Handgun Training Drills Book Review

Defensive Handgun Training Drills Book

This instruction book has been authored by Mike Seeklander. He is a professional firearms instructor. He is also a former united state Marine, federal air Marshall, police office and federal firearms instructor. He has done quite a remarkable job of taking complex processes, breaking them down to more understandable training drills.

He has been a professional instructor for more than ten years of his life. He has now taken his success over the years and blueprinted a set of processes that will assist you to become better at what you want to be in. this book highlights those processes for you.

His book is about the drills you should follow during a firearm training for you to successfully acquire the necessary skills in defensive shooting. With this guide, shooters can use the drills outlined in it to create a program of their own. With his years of training and former work profession, he is undoubtedly the guy to trust when it comes to handgun training drills.

The book entails the drills to follow for both dry and live fire. You will also get to gain the confidence to defend your life when the need arises. The guide comprises of 11 dry fire drills and 13 live fire drills.

First and foremost, it clearly outlines for you the 11 dry fire drills to kick-start your training process. These drills include;

  • Stationary draw-this is the technique you need to understand. It will enable you to build the manipulation skill of drawing the gun from the holster.
  • Reload of the stationary-this drill will assist you to build the manipulation skill of reloading an empty gun.
  • Stationary phase I malfunction drill-this elaborates the manipulation skill of clearing a phase I manipulation. The next drill will also enable you to build manipulation skills of clearing a phase II manipulation.
  • The drill that follows will assist you to build a manipulation skill of drawing a gun from a holster while pivoting it toward the holster. This is referred to as the pivoting draw drill.
  • The next drill will help you build manipulation skills of drawing the gun from the holster while moving offline or towards cover. This is known as the stepping draw drill.
  • Stepping reload drill is meant for you to build manipulation skill of reloading an empty gun.
  • Then, what follows is the stepping phase I malfunction drill. This will help you build a manipulation skill of clearing a phase I malfunction while moving away or offline.
  • The next drill is known as the one-handed draw. This facilitates your movement of drawing the gun from the holster with only the support hand.
  • What should follow after the draw, is one-handed reload This would help you build the manipulation skill of reloading an empty gun with only the strong or the support hand.
  • The last drill you need to get acquainted with is the one-handed malfunction clearance. This drill will help you build a manipulation skill of clearing a phase I and II malfunctions with one hand only.

A brilliant and comprehensive a guidebook to defensive hand gunning. The authors approach personal defense is based on what works in the real world. In this regard, a categorical procedural list of 13 live fire drills is outlined for you!

  • Five shot group-it involves the verification of the gun and ammunition. Here two principles are looked into; the point of aim (POA)and the point of impact (POI), done by shooting a group on a specific spot. This is done to verify the basic mechanics on the sight and trigger management.
  • The 2nd drill, the alternating target area or the extend prep and press are to work on managing the sights, trigger, and grip also known as the recoil control. This drill will also help you improve on these areas during the second half of the draw process.
  • Extend prep and press/ one hand only- this drill works on managing the sights, trigger, and grip during the recoil and improving on these areas while shooting with one hand only.
  • Stationary draw drill- that is, with malfunctions. To be able to work on the static draw and firing regimen components to varied target areas along with the clearing of a phase I malfunction.
  • Stationary reloads. Here the focus is on static reload. It will help you to work on applying proper firing cycle components before and after the reload.
  • Pivoting draw-this drill will assist you to work on the pivoting draw and firing cycle components.
  • Stepping draw-here you will be prepared on how to draw the gun apply proper firing cycle components and at the same time move offline. This could be heading to cover or in the open if no threat is available.
  • The stepping reloads drill- the purpose of this drill is to work on moving offline while performing an emergency reload.
  • The failure to stop drill- here, this drill is to work on the skill of transitioning to an alternate target area of the body, this could be due to a failure to stop on the primary combat effective area; that is the high center chest.
  • The one-handed survival shooting drill- this is perhaps the most dangerous drill of them all. Well, that is if the safety rules are not strictly followed. It will help you to improve on your manipulation and marksmanship skills when using one hand only.
  • Shooting and moving drill (multi-directional)- in this drill you will be able to learn how to correctly manage the sights and trigger while on the move, stabilizing the gun and making good accurate shots.
  • Shooting, moving forward and backward- this is now an advanced skill building drill. This is because of the difficulty of the movements. This drill will assist you to work on shooting during multi-directional movement.
  • Extreme close quarters drill- the aim of this drill is to build your skill of firing from the very high ready position, also known as the close quarters.

With this defensive hand gunning skills acquired here, you will be able to better your mindset towards hand gunning, your physicality, and your shooting skills. All by just following the drills highlighted in this program.

What can it help you achieve?

There you have it! A brilliant performance training product. Defensive handgun training drills have the necessary guidelines designed to educate the shooter with the technical skills to assist them in surviving a defensive handgun encounter.

After going through this program, learned those drills, you will be able to criticize yourself and continue to improve your skills by modifying the drills to meet your satisfaction.

You will also be more confident in the activities you pursue. The program will expose you to instances in life when you are exposed to danger, and how you can convert that fear to survive the ordeal you undergo through.

These techniques learned here can apply to any type of handgun, so no matter which type of firearm you carry, this program is helpful to you! However, training drills alone do not address the complex nature of the needs of someone, during a high-stress encounter where lethal or dangerous force might be required. This book guide entails the entire program covering all the aspects of training for a fight.

Why is this program unique?

Whereas there are numerous technical books on the market, some with relevant information, nearly all of them do not address the “how does a client acquire these skills?” question. Worry not this book has got you covered!... it entails a full training program including training drills and a clearly outlined schedule to follow.

For all the law enforcement officers out there, who would like to get the necessary skills, to become the ultimate defender for your colleagues and country, this program is for you! Get a copy of the program for yourself and begin the journey to learning the ultimate art of the gun. Find very thorough explanations of the elements of this particular product.

At the end of the program, you will get skills that will give you a measurable baseline that can assist you to track your progress, against over time. All you need to do is to put in the work. Even though the program maximizes your time on the range by laying out a categorical method skill building regimen all for you.

What is the format of this product?

The product can be acquired in two ways;

  • Digital e-books
  • Personal delivery

You can, therefore, get the program in the comfort of your home on the web or get the book package personally delivered to you after you request for it. The product also comes with a DVD. You can, therefore, get to see the descriptive instructions on how the drills are performed.

No matter where your skill levels have reached, this book will help you improve more on yourself. And that’s not all!... for those of you who do not have the natural talents get these drills right, this guide has got you covered! The drills are outlined in a full week by week training program all for you to guide you through a regimen that will ensure your success.

Who is the product meant for?

This book is meant for use as a range guide for those who wish not to print the guide. Also, it is meant for shooters that would like to use the drills to design their own program about defensive handgun shooting. All those who are concerned about their personal safety and want to enhance their skills.

The full program is highly recommended for those who wish to excel in this kind of sport. Due to the nature of its’ seriousness, the product is only limited to adults and not children for security reasons.

What are you waiting for?

Learn the art of the gun, get the techniques of how to successfully handle a firearm with this product. And if you already have the skill sets of shooting, there’s more you are yet to discover and learn about!

We need to be constant in our pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, all of which should be a constant reminder to everyone, that we are still learning and growing. This is what the creator of this program depicts to us.

Well, and what do you know! Another set of skills set added to your list of personal skills!

Furthermore, the product comes in a nice small compact size that you can carry around to the range with you in your persons. No more struggling! You can also keep track of your performance using the hardcopy. Be it you are a police officer or just a training shooter, this program will help you become a better defender.

Get set, ready and begin!

Defensive Handgun Training Drills Book
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