Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It Wild Game Hunting

There is a solution to everything and following this mantra, a hunting guide's wife, Haley Heathman has written a book called Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It. This book is the first of its kind and contains a wealth of information about the techniques that are necessary for killing a game humanely and with surgical precision, the ways in which a game can be cleaned of all the foil smells and toxic substances and the art of cooking the game meat in the right way.

Summoning all of her knowledge of hunting, cleaning, and cooking a game, the writer, Haley Heathman has indeed created a gold mine of information that has put the usual hunting guides in great worry. Read on further to know why it is valuable.

The value of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It
The book is all-in-one. Whether you are a novice or an expert hunter, this book could lead you through all the valuable steps of doing things right. If you belong to the former category, you'll learn all the different ways of

  • Killing 6 prime game species of North America,
  • Cleaning each of these 6 species appropriately so that you don't take all the foul things accompanying the meat to your kitchen,
  • Cooking each type of meat in its own way to retain their natural difference in flavor and aroma, and to create all the possible, delectable, and scrumptious recipes you are looking for to impress people and improve your skills as a hunter.

If you belong to the expert hunter category, this book could still be of value to you.

  1. You will learn to avoid any mistakes that you've been making so far.
  2. You won't only be able to polish your skills, but you'll also learn all the other skills, which you thought did not relate to hunting. That's right, I'm talking about cleaning and cooking.
  3. You would save all your money spent on hiring expensive hunting guides who only provide a small assistance in hunting.

As you can see, no matter what your hunting level is, Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It is going to add value to your hunting skills. You'd feel as if you've learned all the so-called complex techniques of hunting in such a simple way.

I call it the simple way because the book is written in a simple language, having 6 chapters with a simple layout and each chapter explains 3 principal stages of hunting in simple words.

But this is not all. With this book, you also get 3 bonuses of unfathomable knowledge.

  1. You get a wild game recipe book written exclusively by MasterChef's 4th place finisher, Tanorria Askew.
  2. With the package, you'll receive 4 audio DVDs of the interviews of the writer with 4 renowned hunters and Outfitters, including Phil O'Bannon and Tim Davis.
  3. An audio transcript of all the 4 interviews given out in Bonus #2.

And this is it. Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It exclusively for you -- the savior of the American hunting tradition. Don't worry about where you stand in the line of hunters. Just go for this book and see how your problems of hunting, cleaning and cooking the game meat vanish away in thin air.

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It Wild Game Hunting
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