Light Defender Tactical Laser Can Save You By Dazzling Your Enemy

Light Defender Tactical Laser

The recent jurisdiction on arms in the US has put a limit or a near stop to gun ownership. It is good in a sense, but at the same time, it has wreaked havoc especially for the people who want to defend themselves.

Yes, some states have legalized carrying knives. However, there are strict laws that prohibit their concealed carrying and also, certain laws ban carrying around knives of certain length and models.

The pepper spray has a more gruesome story. They are banned in nearly 12 states and not to mention, they are very unreliable. In conditions where the attacker has covered their faces, pepper sprays stand useless.

However, don’t worry as there is still a defense product that can save you in perilous times. And you don’t have to kill anyone to do that, which is a plus point for the kind-hearted.


The Light Defender Tactical Laser

Developed by Patriot Wholesale Club – one of the country’s largest and most trusted survival/preparedness organization – the Light Defender Tactical Laser is the answer to your worries.

It has been developed by keeping the general US in mind – the people who have been stripped off every kind of defense tactics and equipment by the so-called liberals.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it.

A 532nm Laser Diode Powerhouse

The American lawmakers are trying hard to ban this laser and they have been successful in doing so in 4 cities. Why do they want to ban it, you ask? Simply because they want you to have something this powerful.

The power of this laser is because of the 532nm Laser Diode. This component is revered by the military for its piercing power. In fact, they have been using it in their lasers in militant hotbeds like Afghanistan and Iraq.

So far to say, because of its effectiveness, the laser is potentially used even today. This is evident from the fact that recently the military has ordered lasers worth $50 million.

This ultimately gives us a glimpse of how important these lasers are in defense.

What does the 532nm Laser Diode do?

The 532nm diode has been installed in the Light Defender Tactical Laser. It has the power of piercing a rubber. However, when you use it against an enemy, it won’t kill it.

Instead, it will scramble its brain waves, thus, driving him towards confusion and madness as his optic nerves are set on fire. This combined effect temporarily and sometimes, forever, disarms the attacker because he/she loses his/her target in a frenzy to know what has happened to his/her eyes.

In the meanwhile, you can simply scramble away from his circle of influence to save yourself.

Besides power, what the US army uses 532nm lasers for?

The laser diode around which the Light Defender Tactical Laser is built is without any doubt powerful. But its power or intensity is not the only thing that ushers US military to use it in combat.

The distance it shots over is remarkable and that’s the second reason for its usage by the military. When powered, you can hit a target 10 miles away.

And by that, you should understand why flashing this laser at a passing by jet has been prohibited. It could dazzle the pilot and possibly cause a crash.

Why should you use it?

Imagine if a laser can dazzle a pilot in the sky, what it can do to the attacker right in front of you. That’s right, it can nearly blind him/her and give you plenty of time to escape to a safer place.

This scenario can be of help if you are stuck somewhere in the so-called gun free zones or as they call it “target-rich environment”. You can simply take out the laser and dazzle the perpetrator in the most legal way.

That goes to say that you won’t have to worry about doing something illegal to save your life. You can carry the Light Defender Tactical Laser in a dense area where guns are banned. And if there’s a mass shooting in that area, as it has happened in history, you know that you’ll be safe and sound.

Also, you won’t have to worry about all the hassles of documentation.

  • You don’t need any permit to own the laser.
  • You can purchase it without going through a background check.

Besides this,

  • The laser is bombproof. So, if you ever encounter a situation where a bomb goes off, your defense equipment won’t bear even a scar.
  • It can also be your backup flashlight that you can use in sudden darkness falling as in wildfires.
  • If you have a gun, it can increase your accuracy of shooting a target.

What else could you want?

Light Defender Tactical Laser
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