My Experience with Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Shipping Container Home Made Easy

After I had a life changing experience last summer I decided that one day I will share it with people on the internet. My live changed when I sold my house and I lost negotiation on buying new house, I always had the idea of building shipping container house. And this product that I bought that summer saved my family I know for sure it saved and my bank account. Building shipping container home is so trending in real estate market and many smart people build their own shipping container home to save money and also to fashionable home,  in my experience I paid a quarter of the cost of conventional home. Now before I start explaining this great program let me first tell you how I found about it

I researched the topic and read all possible guides to build my own container home except this program and I found many mistakes others fall in before me and my problem is the more I get prepared I became more afraid of making mistakes till my wife told me to just get some expert guy to build the home for me and it was a good idea, I didn’t want to mess the look of the future house so I researched the best container house building expert till finally I was convinced that this guy named Adam Ketcher is most talented expert in this new field of architecture and one of the pioneer, he even build container houses for clients for nearly twenty years. And I found that he made this great guide named Shipping Container Home Made Easy and I bought that guide. Oh man I thank god for buying this book I wonder how anybody could build container home before this guide published

Why you should buy Shipping Container Home Made Easy?

Here are some of benefits I learned from this guide

  • I learned how to get many essential parts of my home ABSOLUTELY FREE using this book
  • You will learn how to choose the container based on seven essential measures made by Adam
  • You can understand every step about building shipping container homes and then you will be able to decide if you want to hire contract to do specific parts of the job because now you understand the whole process
  • You will basically learn more building shipping containers houses more than most professional builders

Best planning tips for shipping container home building

  • Adam explains in the book how to leave room for growth while building your home so you can always increase space and grow your home
  • You will get best floor plans with widely used designs among many other designs insights and explains the pros and cons of each plan and each design
  • The book contain the best design tips out there for making garage in minimal space
  • Explained in the book different types of containers specifying the type that allow more head room.
  • If you want to build office this guide the go for because it has the best designs for office and explaining in theory the difference between office design and home design
  • Why a container that still has its original wooden floor is a BAD SIGN. And which floor you want instead to guarantee a smooth interior build.
  • Explained in the book everything you need to know about foundations and the different types of lands.

Smart Tips included

  • The type of paint once used by NASA that you should use for the outside of your home. And why this particular paint is PERFECT for container housing.
  • How to find the real age of a container - regardless of what the dealer tells you.
  • Explaining how to have the best interior design and what type of containers you should avoid to make interior design more easy process
  • Adam explain more ideas about places he called zoning pockets which are places where land is cheaper and that saves a lot of money
  • I also learned the correct order of the steps I should follow, for example I was shocked when I read that I should buy the container before the land for specific reasons explained in the book.
  • I learned a lot of great insights about how to find land for very cheap prices.


Shipping Container Home Made Easy
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