The Last Man Standing Review

The Last Man Standing

Have you ever been caught up in a fight or flight situation? Like most of us, you must have been since the times are tough and the world is crazy.

Even if you haven’t you’ll need The Last Man Standing because anything can happen any second.

  • There could be an earthquake shaking the ground beneath you.
  • A fire that could engulf your whole city.
  • A terror attack widespread enough to take you into its clutches.
  • Or, a disaster of any kind threatening you and your family.

Anything can happen.

The Last Man Standing

An Ebook that contains 3 primary survival tactics, The Last Man Standing could be your chance of getting through the misery protected and triumphant. The fact is   it has been developed for that very purpose.

  • It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman out of shape.
  • You don’t have to have an arsenal of modern weapons.
  • There are no confusing strategies involved.
  • You don’t have to follow an exercise routine.

All you have to do is go through the book for it relies on making (or rather activating) three core survival habits in a human being that effectively counters the panic trigger and makes you respond to the dire situation effectively and easily.

The Three Ways

The book has simplified ample survival knowledge and has summed it up to three basic things:

  1. Specialized knowledge - The knowledge you need to understand how a situation evolves.
  2. Creative thinking - The ability to clear all the fuss and the clutter from your mind and think through the situation without getting distracted.
  3. The ability to push pass stress, fear or pain - This is the most important aspect this guide touches.

You can call these three things your only and most effective survival kit. While the rest of the world would have a hard time thinking what they could carry with themselves during a disaster, you’ll already have three surefire ways that beat any arsenal of weapons, any survival gear, and any advice you hear on those popular survival shows.

A complete breakdown of the course

The course or the guide takes you on a three-day learning experience that involves prepping up for the worst by adopting or taking the three things stated above with you.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the course.

  • You’ll find a “Mental Pain Removal” technique that helps brush off emotional pain within few seconds.
  • It contains a Force Field sniper breathing technique known for its effectiveness in the field for laser-sharp focus.
  • A Mind Chamber stated in it will help you escape any situation like the Black Ops or prison escape artists.
  • There’s a Stress Rehearsal trick that was used by the Roman athletes in controlling their inner anxieties before a match.
  • To fight that instant fight or flight response and to calm down your nerves, the author shares a deep dive navy breathing technique.

That’s not all. It also has

  • 17 ways that help you tell whether a person is a liar, con artist or a betrayer.
  • Instructions to an item that filters water, keeps you untraceable to dogs, and also cures poisons.
  • A series of phrases that can motivate anyone to stay behind and stop attacking you. This could prove worthy when you see an approaching mob.
  • A way to influence a crowd to follow your orders.
  • A breathing technique that helps you stay energetic even you haven’t eaten anything and have slept for just 4 hours.
  • Battle tested and time tested commands that could help you control criminals and the like.

All of these cover a variety of subject area and they are

  • Mental Survival Techniques
  • Bushcraft Medicine
  • Military Survival Self-Defense
  • Survivor Fitness
  • Lie Detection and Social Engineering
  • Guerilla Warfare Tactics and
  • Stealth Communication

This is not all, however. There are certain additional secrets in the book that buttress the whole course. Those secrets are ancient in their nature but the author has managed to mold them for the 21st century.

So, is it worth it?

How else do you think it isn’t?

The fact that the course is developed by a former special forces soldier and international trainer, Tom Anderson. He has worked with soldiers across North America and Europe to prep them up for guerilla warfare in hostile countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc.

Tom has seen the worst in those places and he has survived countless times, for example, from a 7.0 earthquake in Cite Soliel. Basically, he developed this program after he saw how his friend Charlie went from zero to hero after being humiliated in that catastrophe.

By following his methods, you will take control of yourself and the situation you’re in and become like Charlie.


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The Last Man Standing

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