The Strikelight Tactical Flashlight Review

Strikelight Tactical Flashlight

Can you protect yourself when danger comes? What do you do if someone breaks into your home? How do you get rid of an intruder in your home? Are you afraid of the recent burglary threats in your area? Worry no more! With strikelight tactical torch your first steps to ensuring safety has been carried out.

To be able to keep ourselves and our loved ones’ safe is the most significant thing to all of us. Safety is every human’s number one priority. Everyone wants to make sure he or she is safe from dangers, especially at night when we can’t see well.

Strikelight is one of the best innovations of the recent times as it not only helps protect yourself and your family from dangerous intruders but also provides powerful light to navigate in the dark. Ever wondered what would happen if you combined a tactical flashlight and a baton? Well wonder no more. The Strikelight Tactical Flashlight or torch is an absolute monster of a home defense flashlight.

According to the Bureau of Justice, assault, robbery, and theft are common occurrences; about 51 percent of the population experiences these violent crimes on a yearly basis. This is quite a large number of the population. Being equipped with basic defense skills is important, you and your family are much better off when you have an easy-to-use weapon at your disposal. The best option for this easy to use weapon is the strikelight tactical torch.


The Strikelight Tactical Flashlight is a baton shaped lightweight flashlight that is made from solid aircraft grade aluminium. It has a blinding torch that can protect you from an attacker by harming them just enough for you to get away. It’s a 17” baton with the ability to extend another 4” by twisting and pulling of the handle offering you a total reach of 21”. It has a flashlight capability with three different light strength qualities and also a functioning device that can be used to protect you from an attacker. The first light strength quality is full brightness, the second one is half power and the third quality is the emission of strobe lights. At simple twist of the handle this will extend another 4 inches allowing you to strike from a large distance.

This is a serious self-defense tool that can take out any attacker, big or small. At simple twist of the handle this will extend another 4 inches allowing you to strike from a large distance. This product will assist you to take the first step to ensure your safety. The outer edges are covered in aggressive looking divots which increases the strike force of the weapon. This weapon is designed to be easy-to-handle and have a firm grip when you wield it. The tip of the baton is beveled so you can effectively jab with it and it also features a window breaking pommel at the base of the handle.

It is a personal protection solution and also a flashlight at the same time. It can be used as a powerful stun device due to the fact that it features an electrical arc to stun attackers and cause a lot of pain on impact. You could even keep it in your vehicle as a self-defense weapon. It has all the features of a tactical flashlight combined with an extendable security baton.

The world today has proven to be a dangerous place with increasing crime rates across the globe. Crimes and criminals are around every corner and it is our safety that is at risk. We trust in our Government and the Police to protect us but the fat of the matter is that due to drastic increase in population and unfortunately decreasing number of people enrolling for the Police forces it is hard for them to protect us all. It is time we must be prepared to defend ourselves from attackers if and when the situation presents itself. This is the importance of this great innovation of safety. This is a simple torch to look at but it is built in such a way that it can be used as a weapon to defend yourself in case of danger.


The strikelight tactical flashlight has so many unique features that make it a great option for you to use as a defensive weapon when it comes to a situation where you need to protect yourself from danger. Some features are as follows:

  • Handle strap to prevent you being disarmed easily.
  • It has a powerful blinding 500 lumen YAG bulb.
  • It is lightweight and durable engineered from aircraft grade aluminium.
  • 17” baton with option to extend to 21” for extra reach.

The bottom line

If you are looking to offer protection to your and to be able to defend yourself from danger, purchase the strikelight tactical flashlight. This should be your first self-defense option.

Strikelight Tactical Flashlight
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