Reassembly Cont

8 Pull trigger (6) back and hold It.

9 Install hammer assembly (9).

Model Revolver Cutaway

Make sure compression sprl ng (13) Is placed In recess of rebound slide (14). Depress spring (13) and install rebound slide (14) with beveled end forward so rear of trigger lever (7) fits in recess of tebpund slide (14) and against retaining stud (ijp).

Maintain steady pressure on compression spring (13) until it Is safely positioned against stud (15).

Hammer Spring Special

6 Install flat spring (16) by attaching it to stirrup (10) and placing it into the frame assembly.

7 Install and tighten the strain screw (17).

Ruger (Cont)

Smith And Wesson Strain Screw

11 Move hammer assembly (9) forward and Install strut assembly (11). AJIne notches In mainspring seat (12) with mating surfaces of frame assembly (2). Long end of mainspring seat should be toward the front.

Cal Special Remove

12 Cock hammer (13) and remove disassembly pin (14). Place thumb on hammer (13) and slowly pull trigger (8) to return hammer to forward position.

13 Stow disassembly pin (14) in dowel (15) of frame assembly (2).

Cal Picture


14 Position grips (16 and 17) on frame assembly (2), and secure with screw (18).

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