Blank Firing Attachment Ma

This task covers:

a. Installation b. Removal c. Cleaning d. Inspection e. Repainting f. Replacement


Materials ¡Parts Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) (item 5, app D)

General Safety Instructions Do not keep live ammunition near the work area. Only blank cartridge M200 is to be used when the blank firing attachment is attached to the rifle.





Blank Firing Attachment M15A2

Unscrew and pull slide all the way out.

b. Blank firing pttachment {2} and flash suppressor (3)

Hook blank firing attachment behind the first groove of the flash suppressor.

Blank Firing Attachment


Do not use tools to tighten the biank firing attachment, HANDS ONLY.

Push slide into flash suppressor and hand tighten. ^

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