Bolt Assembly

This task covers:

a. Disassembly b. Cleaning c. Lubrication d Repair e Reassembly



Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit SC 5180-95-CL-A0/ (19201)

Materials Parts

Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) (item 5, app D)

References TM 9-1005-249-10

General Safety Instructions

Do not interchange boJt assemblies or other compo-riL.iis from one weapon to another. Doing so may result in injury to, or dealh of, personnel.

To avoid injury to your eye, use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.







If firing pin is used as a tool to push out extractor pin, use extreme care not to damage tip ot firing pin

Bolt Assembly

Cartridge Ejector Spring

a. Extractor pin (1), cartridge extractor (2), and extractor spring assembly (3)

b. Cartridge extractor (2) and extractor spring assembly (3)

Push out extractor pin and remove cartridge extractor and spring assembly as a unit.

Twist spring assembly counterclockwise to remove from cartridge extractor.

Do not separate cartridge extractor and spring assembly unless replacement of either or both is required.


Do not remove insert assembly from spring assembly

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