Bolt Carrier Assembly Cont

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Boll Carrier Assembly Bolt carrier and key

Clean gas relief ports using CLP (item 5, app D) and pipe cleaner (item 5A, app D).

M16a1 Bolt CarrierAuto Bolt Carrier

Bolt Carrier Assembly a. Bolt carrier and key

Check carrier and key screws for tightness and for proper staking.

Auto Bolt Carrier

b. Firing pin

Inspect tip for proper contour. Inspect for pitting, wear, and burrs.

Bolt Carrier Gas Key Staked


There are bolts and bolt carriers on fielded weapons, some with chrome-plated exterior surface finishes and some with phosphate coating. Both finishes are acceptable under certain operational requirements and/or restrictions. Phosphate-coated bolt assemblies are required for divisional combat units. Chrome-plated bolt assemblies are acceptable for divisional noncombat units and training - inter units. Chrome-plated and phosphate-coated bolt assemblies, bolt carrier assemblies, and repair parts for these assemblies may be intermixed in any combination, with the following exception. CHROME-PLATED BOLT CARRIERS ARE DESIGNATED FOR CONUSUSE ONLY and must be replaced prior to debarkation for an overseas assignment. This is to say that Divisional Combat Units and units which fall under the definition of rapid deployment type must use phos-phated coated bolt carriers. See staking procedure on page 3-20.

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location item action remarks c. Bolt assembly

Inspect for wear, burrs, and pits

Auto Bolt CarrierM16a1 Bolt Assembly

d. Bolt carrier assembly Exercise bolt in bolt carrier and bolt assembly assembly.

Bolt Carrier Assembly Reassembly

Replace the bolt assembly if it contains a cluster of pits approximately 1/B inch in diameter an^ if the pits appear to be more than 0.010 inch deep.

Boltb that contain minute individual pits of a scattered pattern shall not be cause for rejection.

Prior to reassembly, insert bolt assembly in bolt carrier assembly and exercise bolt in and ^>ut of bolt carrier assembly. Check for binding.

Check for proper fit. Turn bolt carrier assembly and suspend so the bolt assembly is pointed down.

The bolt must not drop out. If weight of boil assembly allows it to drop out of carrier assembly, replace bolt rings.

M16a1 Naming The Parts


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