Subject Page c

Characteristics, Capabilities, and Features,

Equipment 1-1

Charging Handle Assembly 2-24

Disassembly 2-25

Inspection/Repair 2-25

Lubrication 2-25

Reassembly 2-25

Checks and Services, Preventive

Maintenance 2-3


Blank Firing Attachment M15A2 4-17

Bolt Assembly 2-22

Bolt Carrier Assembly 2-18

Common Tools and Equipment 2-1

Data, Equipment 1-3

Decontamination of Sights Activated with

Destruction of Army Materiel to Prevent

Enemy Use 1-1

Differences between Models 1-2


Bayonet-Knife M7 4-2, 4-18

Bolt Assembly 2-21,3-16

Bolt Carrier Assembly 2-17,3-11

Forward Assist Assembly 3-47

Hammer Assembly 3-64

Key and Bolt Carrier Assembly 3-19

Low Light Level Sight 4-5

Lower Receiver and Extension

Assembly 2-34,3-50

Lower Receiver and Extension

Subassembly 3-67

Shoulder Gun Stock Assembly 2-40

Trigger Assembly 3-65

Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly 2-26, 3-24 Upper Receiver Assembly 3-41

Equipment Description and Data 1-1

Equipment Improvement Recommendations (EIR), Reporting 1-1

Expendable Supplies and Materials List .. D-1

Index 1

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