Parts Of Rifle Cal 5.56mm M16a1

UPPER RECEIVER AND BARREL ASSEMBLY. Rifle barrel assembly is air-cooled, contains flash suppressor and front sight assembly, and holds the two hand guards and the sling swivel. Upper receiver cont^ns rear sight, ejection port, ejection port cover, and a housing for the bolt carrier and bolt assembly. A forward assist assembly is used on the M16A1 weapon.

LOWER RECEIVER AND EXTENSION ASSEMBLY. Lower receiver contains the trigger assembly, sear, hammer assembly, selector lever, rifle grip, bolt catch, and shoulder gun stock assembly.The shoulder gun stock assembly houses the action spring, buffer assembly, and extension assembly.

M16 Assembly


5.56-mm Rille M16 does not contain the forward assist assembly contained on 5.56-mm Rifle M16A1.


a. Rifles M16 and M16A1.


Rifle M16, without magazine and sling 6.35 lb

Rifle M16A1, without magazine and sling 6 55 lb

Empty magazine 0.25 lb

Loaded magazine 1.01 lb

Rifle M16, w/sling and loaded magazine 7.76 lb

Rifle M16A1 w/sling and loaded magazine 7.76 lb

Bayonet-Knife M7 0.6 lb

Scabbard M8A1 0.3 lb

Scabbard M10 0.3 lb


Rifle w/flash suppressor 39 in.

Rifle w/bayonet-knife 44.25 in.

Barrel 20 in.

Bairel with flash suppressor 21 in.

Mechanical features: Rifling, RH 6 grooves-1 turn in 12 inches.

Method of operation

Type of breech mechanism

Method oi feeding


gas rotating bolt .. magazine

Trigger pull 5 to 8 1/2 lb


Caliber 5.56 mm

Type ball, blank, lummy and tracer

Firing characteristics:

Muzzle velocity (approximate) 3,250 fps

Muzzle energy 1.300 ft-lb

Chamber pressure 52,000 psi

Cyclic rate of fire (approximate) 800 rds/m

Maximum rate of fire:

Semiautomatic 45/65 rds/m

Automatic 150/200 rds/m

Sustained rate of fire 12/15 rds/m

Maximum range 2,653 meters

Maximum effective range 460 meters b. Ri'le Bipod M3. Weight:

Bipod case 0.2 lb


1-11. GENERAL. The weapon:

a. Is gas-operated. It fires in either the automatic or semiautomatic mode.

b. Has positive locking of the bolt. Firing pin is part of the bolt and carrier assembly and cannot strike the primer until the boit is fully locked.


(X) CARTRIDGE MAGAZINE. Holds cartridges ready for feeding and provides a guide for positioning cartridges for stripping. Provides quick reload capabilities for sustained firing.

(^b) SMALL ARMS SLING. Provides the means for carrying the weapon.

© BOLT AND CARRIER ASSEMBLY. Provides stripping, chambering, locking, firing, extraction, and ejection of cartridges using the drive springs and projectile propelling gases for power.

© CHARGING HANDLE ASSEMBLY. Provides initial charging of the weapon. The charging handle latch locks the handle in the forward position during sustained fire to prevent injury to the operator.

E ) UPPER RECEIVER AND BARREL ASSEMBLY. Provides support for the bolt carrier assembly. The barrel chambers the cartridge for firing and directs the projectile.

F ) LOWER RECEIVER AND EXTENSION ASSEMBLY. Provides firing control for the weapon and provides storage for basic cleaning materials.

Weapon Storage

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