Inspection Cont

d. Charging handle e. Selector lever f. Magazine catch button g. Bolt catch h. Front sight and rear sight i. Forward assist assembly (M61A1 rifles only)

a. Headspace b. Firing pin c. Barrel



Pull to rear. Check to assure thart chamber is clear.

Place in SAFE portion and squeeze trigger.


Leave hammer in cocked position.

Hammer should not fall.

If weapon fails the following test, continued use of the weapon could result in injur/ to or death of personnel.


For the purpose of the following test "SLOW" is defined as 1/4 to 1/2 the normal rate of trigger release.

Place in SEMI position. Squeeze trigger.

Hold trigger to the rear, charge weapon and release the trigger with a slow, smooth motion4with out hesitations or stops, until the trigger is fu lly forward.

Repeat this t t five times, the weapon may not malfunction every time.

Place in AUTO position. Charge weapon and squeeze trigger.

Hold trigger to the rear, charge weapon, and release trigger. Squeeze trigger.

Hammer should fall.

Hammer should not fall.

Press magazine catch button




If the weapon malfunctions during any of these five tests, see page 3-50.

Hammer should fall.

Hammer should not fall. Automatic assembly sear should have released the hammer as the bolt closed.

Make sure it functions properly.

Make certain it operates smoothiy and holds bolts in open position.

Make certain they can be adjusted properly. Refer to TM 9-1005-249-10.

it must work freely.

Check headspace using headspace See page 3-40. gage 7799734

Check firing pin protrusion using See page 3-14. firing pin protrusion gage 7799735.

Check barrel erosion using barrel erosion gage 8448496 or 7799792 and 8448677

See 39.

pages 3-37 and 3-

3-76 Change 1

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