Lower Receiver And Extension Assembly

This task covers:

a. Disassembly c. Repair b. Inspection d. Test e. Reassembly


Applicable Configura tion All M16/M16A1 rifles. All parts are the same except for lower receiver body which is different only in that it specifies the different models and the serial numbers.


Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit SC 51C0-95-CL-A07 (19204) Field Maintenance Basic Less Power Small Arms

Shop Set SC 4933-95-CL-A11 (19204) M16 Series and M231 Firing Port Weapon Direct Support and General Support Maintenance for 5.56-mm Rifle Tool and Gage Set 8426685( 19204) Pivot pin removing tool (local fabricated tool)

(E-3. app E) Lower receiver gage (local fabricated tool) (E-5, app E)

Materials Parts

Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) (item 5, app D)

Solid film lubricant (item 13, app D) Technical dichloromethane (item 8, app D)


TM 9-1005-301-30

Equipment Condition

Page Condition Description 3-10 Lower receiver and extension assembly removed

General Safety Instructions To avoid injury to your eye. use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.

When using solid film lubricant or dichloromethane, be sure the area is well ventilated.

location item action remarks

Lower Receiver and Extension Assembly a. Machine screw (1) and lock washer (2)

Helical Lock

Using screwdriver, reach inside rifle grip and remove screw and lo^k washer.

TM 9-1005-249-24&P


item action remarks b. Rifle grip {3), helical spring (4), and safety detent (5)

Carefully remove rifle orip and catch helical spring and safety detent to prevent loss.

Takedown Pin Detent Helical Spring



The butt cap screw is a self locking screw. Due to the critical nature of the parts concerned, if the butt cap screw is removed it must be discarded and replaced with a new on^.

Double Rifle Gunstock

d. Shoulder gun stock

Remove stock carefully and assembly (7), helical catch helical spring, spring <8), takedown detent, takedown pin and stepped spacer to prevent loss.

pin detent (9), takedown pin (10), and stepped spacer (10.1).

M16a1 Naming The Parts

Stepped spacer is requirei when utilizing buttstock assy PN 9349119- For dimensional ident if icat ioi of the buttstock, refer to Figure C-llA.

Change 3


TM 9-1005-249-24&P

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