Lower Receiver And Extension Assembly Cont

location item action remarks

I. Automatic sear pin (23)

m. Automatic sear (24) and selector lever (25)

M16 Auto Sear

Remove. Using drive pin punch, push automatic sear pin out of receiver.


To remove sear, safety selector lever must be positioned to automatic (if installed).

Automatic Sear Assy

n. Hammer and trigger pin (26)

o. Hammer assembly (27)

Remove. Using drive pin punch, To remove {hammer should push pin from receiver be forward), place safety sel ector lever (if installed) to SEMJ position.


Hammer And Trigger MechanismM16 Sear Position


TM 9-1005-249-24&P




remarks p. Hammer and trigger pin (2B)

q. Disconnector (29), trigger assembly (30), and lower receiver and extension subassembly {31)

Remove. Using drive pin punch, push from left side of receiver.


M16 Sear HoleSear Hole Lower

Lower Receiver and a. All parts Extension Assembly b. All parts c. Suffer assembly

Inspect for cracks, corrosion, and mutilation which would affect functioning.

Inspect for damage.

The buffer assembly must not be cracked between hole and end of housing.

Small dents and gouges will not be cause for rejection.

New buffers do not have hole in housing and are not likely to crack.

M16a1 Naming The Parts


TM 9-1005-249-24&P

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