Lower Receiver And Extension Assembly Cont

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d. Helical spring free length

The free length of the helical spring must be between 11 3/4 minimum and 13 1/2 maximum inches.

e. Stock assembly

Inspect for breaks and separation of material which could prevent proper functioning of weapon.

Inspect for dents, cracks, and chips.

M16 Rifle Lower Receiver Diagram

Cracks or breaks in critical areas will be repaired or rejected. For stock repair, see TM 9-1005-301 -30 w/C1.

Cracks in oth<~r *han critical areas, not exceeding three inches in length and 1/16 inch in width, may be repaired.

buttstock - reparable damaged areas

M16 Corrosion RepairM16 Corrosion Repair

buttstock - nonreparable damage




When using solid film lubricant (item 13, app D) or dichloromethane (item 8, app D), be sure the area is well ventilated.


Apply solid film lubricant (item 13, app D) to shiny surfaces.

f. Lower receiver and Inspect for corrosion in the lower Refer to page 3-29 for repair extension subassembly receiver lobes of the pivot area of corroded surfaces.

or hinge pin area.

If extensive corrosion appears in these areas, the receiver will not be repaired and rifle will be turned in for replacement.

Lower Receiver BlueprintM16 Lower Receiver Milling Blueprints

a - shiny surfaces

(reparable) a - shiny surfaces


b - corroded (reparable)

b - corroded and no holes


Homemade Pocket Hole Machine

c - corroded with hole ( nonrepar a8le)

c - corroded lobes - weakening pivot pin area {nonre parable)


TM 9-1005-249-24&P

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