Lower Receiver And Extension Assembly Cqnt




To avoid injury to your eye, use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.

Do not intercf tarige bolt assemblies or other components from one weapon to another. Doing so may result in injury to, or death of, personnel.

Lower Receiver and Extension Assembly a. Action spring (1) and buffer assembly (2)

Press in until retainer snaps up and holds action spring and buffer assembly in place.

Takedown Pin Detent Helical Spring

b. Helicai spring (3), pivot pin detent (4) and pivot pin (5)

Insert helical spring in hote. Position detent with needle-nose pliers. Depres? detent with fabricated tool (E-3, app E). Remove pliers.


Rounded end of detent must be in the groove of the pivot pin when assembly is complete.

M16 Rifle Lower Receiver DiagramTakedown Pin Detent Helical Spring





Lower Receive and Extension Assembly

Takedown Pin Detent Helical Spring

Position pivot pin (5) to keep detent depressed while removing fabricated tool (5.1) (E-3, app E)> Slide pin into hole. Rotate pin to receive detent.

c> Takedown pin (6), takedown pin detent

(7), helical spring

(8), stepped spacer (8,1) shoulder gun stock assembly (9), and butt cap screw (10).

Install takedown pin with groove to the rear. Install detent and spring from the rear. Install spacer on receiver extension. Be^in to install buttstock assy. Carefully compress the spring with stock and secure the stock in place with the butt cap screw -


Do not kink the detent spring (8) during assembly.


Rounded end of detent must be in the groove of the takedown pin when assembly is complete.

Lower Receiver Assembly M16M16a1 Buttstock Assembly

Butt cap screw PN 9349128 and stepped spacer is required when utilizing buttstock assy 9349119. For dimensional identification of the buttstock, refer to Figure C— 11 A.

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