Upper Receiver Assembly Cont

location item action remarks

M16a1 Upper Receiver

c. Rear sight windage screw (5)

d. Aperture sight 6), flat spring (7), and upper receiver (8)

screwdriver e. Spring pin (9)

Remove using flat-bladed screwdriver.


M16a1 Rear Sight Assembly

End of disassembly for M16 rifle.

M240 Disassembly

Remove using 3/32-inch drive M16A1 rifles only pin punch and hand hammer.

M16a1 Rifle For Sale


Forward Assist Assembly


TM 9-1005-249-24&P


ítem action remarks f. Forward assist assembly (10), helical spring (11), and upper receiver (12)


M16A1 rifles only.

M16a1 Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver As^mbly a. Rear sight parts b. Rear sight spring

Check for serviceability. Replace if defective.

Check for serviceability. Replace if derective

Make a visual inspection. Look for broken springs, bent shaft or missing parts

M16 Rifle Upper Receiver Diagram

c. Upper receiver d. Flat spring

Check for cracks, corrosion, and Same raquirements for M16 mutilation. rifles.

Repair or replace if defective.

Spring shall retain the sight firmly in either position.

Refer to page 3-27.

If sight is not firm, replace spring.


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