The borelight (Figure 2-40) is an eye-safe laser that is used to zero aiming lasers, such as the AN/PAQ-4 or AN/PEQ-2, without a 25-meter confirmation. The borelight has four settings: OFF (the borelight is not in use); GOGGLE (when using NVGs; this mode is selected when using the borelight in a tactical environment); LOW (used during normal operations); and PULSE (used during dry-fire training mode). The borelight will also boresight optics and iron sights to ensure the first shot group hits the 25-meter zero target when zeroing the weapon. The borelight comes with a 5.56-mm, 7.62-mm, .50 caliber, and MK 19 mandrel.

Peq Zero Target
Figure 2-40. Borelight with a 5.56-mm mandrel.

a. Boresighting is conducted at 10 meters with the borelight, weapon, aiming device and a 10-meter offset. Each aiming device and weapon combination has a unique 10-meter offset (Appendix G).

b. Figure 2-41A depicts a 10-meter boresight target and Figure 2-41B (page 2-26) depicts a 25-meter zero target. When used properly these offsets will align the aiming device on the selected weapon to engage a target center mass at 300 meters.

(1) The 10-meter boresight target is used in conjunction with the borelight. The 10-meter boresight target is a 1-centimeter grid system with a crosshair and a circle. The crosshair is the aiming point for the aiming device and the circle is the point of impact for the borelight. (Refer to Chapter 8 for a detailed explanation of bore sighting procedures.)

(2) The 25-meter zero target is used when live firing at 25-meters. The 25-meter zero target for the M16- and M4-series weapons is the standard M16A2 zero target with the appropriate strike zone marked on the target (Figure 2-41B). The M4 zero target is only used when zeroing the iron sights on the M4. The aiming point is always center mass of the 300-meter scaled silhouette. The designated strike zone is a 4-by-4 square designating where the rounds should impact when you aim center mass. (Refer to Chapter 8 for a detailed explanation of the 25-meter offset zeroing procedures.)

Borelight Target

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