Figure ANPVS on the MAseries weapons

b. M4/M4-MWS-Series Weapons (Figure 2-39). The Picatinny rail grabber with a mounting adapter (1) on the bottom of the AN/PVS-4 is aligned with a notch on the integrated rail (2) of the M4/M4-MWS-series weapons ensuring the AN/PVS-4 is positioned to accommodate an effective firing position once the eyecup is depressed. The AN/PVS-4 will not retain zero if the rail grabber extends beyond the end of the integrated rail when mounted. Tighten the torque-limiting knob clockwise until it clicks twice. Retightening of the rail grabber is recommended after a few rounds have been fired to ensure the sight is fully seated. The mounting procedures are identical for the M4 and M4-MWS-series weapons.

Rifle Marksmanship
Figure 2-39. AN/PVS-4 on the M4/M4-MWS-series weapon.

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