Figure Field Fire II firing tables

(1) Firing table 1, consisting of 10 targets, helps the firer practice shooting skills and develop a sense of timing and a rhythm required to make the transition from single timed targets to multiple or single timed fleeting combat targets. This builds confidence prior to firing the exercises in firing tables 2 and 3, and identifies soldiers who are having difficulty and need reinforcement.

(2) Every firer is given 54 rounds of 5.56-ball ammunition with 10 rounds loaded into one magazine (for firing table 1) and 22 rounds loaded into each of two separate magazines (for firing tables 2 and 3). During firing of tables 2 and 3, each soldier must demonstrate his ability to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship during the integrated act of firing by successfully detecting and engaging multiple and or single timed targets. Each soldier must achieve 27 hits out of 44 timed target exposures.

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