Instructional Intent

Reinforce PMI while adjusting confirmed shot groups center mass of the 4-cm circle with 5 out of 6 consecutive rounds at 25 meters. Special Instructions:

Ensure M16A1 rear sight is set on the aperture marked L.

Ensure proper rear sight setting to zero (M16A2/3=8/3+1, M16A4=6/3+2, M4=6/3).

Ensure the rear sight aperture is set on 300+1, not 800+1.

Ensure small aperture is being used.

Enforce proper and accurate shot group marking.

Name is clearly marked on the target.

M16A1s are zeroing on the M16A1 zero targets.

M16A2/A3/A4s are zeroing on the M16A2 zero targets.

M4s are zeroing on the M4 zero targets.

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