Knowndistance Range With Or Without Lomah

This paragraph provides guidelines for the instructor-trainer to conduct a known-distance (KD) range and apply the effects of wind and gravity (Figure 5-20). The three types of KD ranges discussed here are the standard KD range, the KD record fire range, and the modified field-fire range.

NOTE: If the range is equipped with the location of misses and hits (LOMAH) system, a firing order will be used to operate the LOMAH throughout the period of instruction and will be fired last. When using LOMAH, the zero confirmation is part of the program and will be shot as the first scenario. The soldier will shoot six rounds at the 175-meter/200-yard target while aiming center mass of the target. If the shot group falls within the 11-inch circle on the LOMAH monitor, the soldier will continue the programmed scenario, which is identical to the downrange feedback scenario without LOMAH. If the soldier shoots a shot group that is 11 inches or smaller but is clearly not zeroed, then the instructor-trainer should assist the soldier in making sight adjustments based upon the data provided on the LOMAH monitor. If the shot group is not tight (greater than 11

inches), then the soldier should be removed from the firing line and given remedial training on the four fundamentals of marksmanship.

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