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Repeated dry-fire training and live-fire exercises are the most efficient means to prepare the soldier for successful target engagements at any range while in MOPP4 during MILES exercises and in live-fire training. The soldier must follow these procedures and applications to be combat effective in a NBC environment.

a. NBC Dry-Fire Exercises. As with all marksmanship training, the soldier must start at the basics in order to become proficient at NBC fire. Modified fundamentals can be taught anywhere and are done before the soldier does a live-fire exercise. The dry-fire exercises, which are used during NBC training, are the same ones that are used during initial rifle marksmanship (dime-washer exercise, target box, SPORTS, and Weaponeer). The soldier must conduct dry-fire exercises in MOPP4 so he can train at the highest degraded level and adjust his shooting technique to increase his marksmanship ability in a NBC environment. The instructor-trainer can be imaginative in his modifications of the dry-fire exercises to challenge the soldier and improve his marksmanship skills while making the training interesting.

b. NBC 50-Meter Live-Fire Exercise. The basic NBC live-fire exercise allows all soldiers to gain confidence in their abilities to effectively engage targets in a NBC environment. Practice and proficiency firing can be conducted on any range. Practice can also be accomplished by the use of MILES equipment during force on force training. When a

Remote Electronic Target System (RETS) range is used for this exercise the two 50-meter mechanisms are used. For the NBC live-fire exercise, the soldier will perform the following scenario after the command of "GAS - GAS - GAS" is given.

(1) Each soldier will be issued 20 rounds of ammunition.

(2) The soldier engages targets from 50 to 300 meters from the foxhole supported firing position using Table II of the Record Fire Qualification firing table (DA Form 3595-R).

(3) Each soldier must achieve 11 hits out of 20 target exposures.

c. NBC Alternate Fire Exercise. The NBC alternate fire course uses the 25-meter scaled silhouette timed-fire target. The benefits of using the 25-meter scaled silhouette is that it can be used on any 25-meter range, the target provides feedback to the firer on where the strike of the round impacts the target, and it increases the soldier's knowledge and skill in delivering accurate well-aimed fire using the modified NBC fundamentals. It is conducted in the same manner as the 25-meter alternate course. This exercise is scored as a GO/NO GO.

d. NBC Downrange Feedback. The purpose of the NBC downrange feedback is to give the soldier confidence, knowledge, and skills required to consistently deliver accurate, well-aimed fire against combat targets out to 300 meters in MOPP equipment while using the modified fundamentals associated with NBC firing. On a KD range, the soldier will perform the following scenario:

(1) The soldier will be issued six magazines. The first and second magazine will have 5 rounds each, the third magazine and fourth will have 10 rounds each, and the fifth and sixth magazine will have 5 rounds each.

(2) The soldier engages the 75-meter (100-yard) target with one 5-round magazine from the prone supported position. He then engages the 75-meter target from the prone unsupported position with the second 5-round magazine.

(3) The soldier engages the 175-meter (200-yard) target with one 10-round magazine from the prone supported firing position and then engages the 175-meter target from the prone unsupported firing position with the second 10-round magazine.

(4) The soldier engages the 300-meter target with one five-round magazine from the prone supported firing position and again engages the 300-meter target from the prone unsupported firing position using the last 5-round magazine.

(5) The soldier must obtain 8 hits out of 10 shots on the 75-meter target; 14 hits out of 20 shots on the 175-meter target; and 5 hits out of 10 shots on the 300-meter target.

NOTES: 1. The KD range scorecard is used for the NBC KD range.

2. The ammunition allocated for advanced skill training can be used for the NBC downrange feedback scenario.

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