Squad Designated Marksman Program

The SDM program will provide the squad with a designated marksman that has been trained to engage targets from 300 to 500 meters. He will operate and maneuver as a rifleman, but will have the added responsibility of engaging targets with effective, well-aimed fires out to 500 meters. He can also be used to help direct the fires of other squad members into enemy positions. Due to the increased skill level required for his position, the SDM must maintain a high level of proficiency through continued training of the required skills.

a. Selection. The platoon sergeant and squad leaders must take special consideration in selecting the SDM. The SDM must have a solid marksmanship performance, must have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, and must be able to apply these fundamentals consistently during dry-fire and live-fire training.

b. Concept. There are five phases to complete to be a qualified SDM. Each phase stresses marksmanship fundamentals and specific skill areas required to perform as an SDM. Soldiers must receive a "GO" in each phase to continue training. Should a soldier fail any area, he should be removed from training.

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