Urban Operations Firing Positions

Although the same principles of rifle marksmanship apply, the selection and use of firing positions during urban operations (UO) requires some special considerations. Firing from around corners could require the soldier to fire from the opposite shoulder to avoid exposing himself to enemy fire.

a. The requirement for long-range observation can dictate that positions be occupied that are high above ground. Figure 7-6 shows a soldier firing over rooftops, exposing only the parts of his body necessary to engage a target.

b. Figure 7-7 shows a soldier firing around obstacles. Figure 7-8 (page 7-6) highlights the requirements for cover and rifle support and the need to stay in the shadows when firing from windows while making sure the muzzle of the rifle does not protrude out of the opening.

Gun Silencer Diagram For Pistol
Figure 7-6. Firing over rooftops.
M16a1 Naming The PartsGun Silencer Diagram For Pistol

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