A Ball

12 (1) M193. This ammunition is a 5.56mm centerfire cartridge with a 55-grain gilded-metal

13 jacket, lead alloy core bullet. The primer and case are waterproofed. The M193 ball

14 ammunition has no identifying marks.

15 (2) M855. This ammunition is the primary ammunition for the M16A2 service rifle. It is

16 identified by a green tip. Its 5.56mm centerfire cartridge has better penetration than the

17 M193. It has a 62-grain gilded-metal jacket bullet. The rear two-thirds of the core of the

18 projectile is lead alloy and the front one-third is the penetrating material. The primer and case

19 are waterproofed.

20 b. Tracer. This ammunition has the same basic characteristics as ball ammunition. It is

21 identified by a bright red tip. Its primary uses include observation firing, incendiary effect, and

22 signaling. Tracer ammunition should be intermixed with ball ammunition in a ratio no greater

23 than one-to-one. The preferred ratio is four ball to one tracer to prevent metal fouling in the bore.

24 c. Dummy. This ammunition has six grooves along the side of the case. It contains no

25 propellants or primer. The primer well is open to prevent damage to the firing pin. The dummy

26 cartridge is used during dry fire and for other training purposes.

27 d. Blank. This ammunition has the case mouth closed with a seven-petal rosette crimp. It

28 contains no projectile. Blank ammunition is identified by its violet tip and is used for training

29 purposes.

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