A Presenting the Rifle From the Tactical Carry At the Tactical Carry no immediate threat is

10 present. This carry permits the rifle to be easily carried for long periods of time, but it does not

11 permit the quickest presentation to a target. If the situation changes and a target presents itself, a

12 Marine performs the following steps to present the rifle from the Tactical Carry once a target

13 appears:

14 • Extend the rifle toward the target keeping the muzzle slightly up so the buttstock clears all

15 personal equipment. Continue to look at the target.

16 • At the same time, place the rifle in Condition 1. There are two methods of placing the

17 rifle in Condition 1 if it is in Condition 3:

18 • Grip the pistol grip firmly with the right hand. Pull the charging handle with the left

19 hand to its rearmost position and release (see figure 7-1).

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