A Range Estimation Methods

4 (1) Unit of Measure Method. To use this method, a Marine visualizes a distance of 100

5 yards/meters on the ground, and then estimates how many of these units will fit between him

6 and the target. This determines the total distance to the target. See figure 10-3. The greatest

7 limitation of this method is that its accuracy is related to the amount of visible terrain. For

8 example, if a target appears at a range of 500 yards/meters or more and only a portion of the

9 ground between a Marine and the target can be seen, it becomes difficult to use the unit of

10 measure method to estimate range accurately. A Marine must practice this method frequently

11 to be proficient. Whenever possible, a Marine should select an object, estimate the range, and

12 then verify the actual range by either pacing or using another accurate measurement.

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