B Cleaning

6 (1) Cleaning Materials. The following cleaning materials are used in preventive

7 maintenance (see figure 2-21):

8 • Brushes: bore, chamber, and general purpose.

9 • Rod in three sections and a handle assembly.

10 • Patch holder section, swabs, patches, pipe cleaners, and rags.

11 • CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative). CLP does three things. It contains

12 solvents to dissolve firing residue and carbon, it lays down a layer of Teflon as it dries

13 to provide lubrication, and it prevents rust from forming. To use CLP:

14 • Always shake the bottle well before use.

16 • Clean your rifle with these patches and rags until they come out clean.

17 • Take a clean patch or rag and apply a fresh, light coat of CLP.

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