C Combining the Pie and Rollout Techniques In some situations it may be necessary to

8 utilize both the pie and rollout technique in order to search an entire area for targets (e.g., corner

9 of a building, a doorway). Changing from one technique to another may permit the Marine to

10 minimize his exposure to the enemy and reduce the time that he is exposed to enemy fire.

11 6004. Moving Out From Behind Cover. A Marine must be constantly aware of his

12 surroundings and available cover should a threat appear. He should avoid obvious danger areas

13 and move quickly through danger areas that cannot be avoided.

14 • When moving from cover to cover, the Marine should select the next cover location and plan

15 his route before moving from his present position. This is done by quickly looking from

16 behind cover to ensure the area is clear, ensuring the head and eyes are exposed for as short a

17 time as possible.

18 • If necessary, the Marine should conduct a Condition 1 reload before moving from cover.

19 • Once the Marine is committed to moving, all focus should be on moving until cover is

20 reassumed.

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