Characteristics Capabilities

4 • The M16A2 rifle is a lightweight, 5.56mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated, air-cooled,

5 shoulder-fired rifle.

6 • The rifle fires in either semiautomatic (single shot) mode or a three-round burst through

7 the use of a selector lever.

8 • The M16A2 rifle has a maximum effective range of 550 meters for individual or point

9 targets.

10 • The bore and chamber are chrome-plated to reduce wear and fouling.

11 • The handguards are aluminum-lined and are vented to permit air to circulate around the

12 barrel for cooling purposes and to protect the gas tube.

13 • An aluminum receiver helps reduce the overall weight of the rifle.

14 • The trigger guard is equipped with a spring-loaded retaining pin that, when depressed,

15 allows the trigger guard to be rotated out of the way for access to the trigger while

16 wearing heavy gloves.

17 • An ejection port cover prevents dirt and sand from getting into the rifle through the

18 ejection port. This ejection port cover should be closed when the rifle is not being fired.

19 It is automatically opened by the action of the bolt carrier.

20 • The muzzle compensator serves as a flash suppressor and assists in reducing muzzle jump.

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